Need to Send Holiday Cards to Your Clients?

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The holiday season is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to send greetings to your clients. Prepare “Thank You” notes and Holidays cards using TrialWorks’ drag/drop bookmarks feature to generate a template for each client, or, use the Mass Mailing Wizard to create letters for multiple clients all at once.

Follow the 4 steps below to set up any holiday template you need:

  1. Open a new document;
  2. Identify the desired bookmark icon from the ribbon bar;
  3. Drag and drop the bookmarks onto your document;
  4. Convert the document into a template by the Save As in TrialWorks Addin.

See the common bookmarks for your letter:

Date The date the document is created 
Address The recipient’s address
Salutation The salutation for the recipient. Example: Mr. Doe
Author  The author signing the letter 
RE Reference field from the Caption Tab for the case 

More Holiday Tips:

  • You may also generate letters individually from the Correspondence Tab;
  • Use the Mass Mailing Wizard located on your Home Ribbon to send to all your current clients;
  • Create the letter once and save it for future use.

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