Scheduling Updates? Automatically Include Key Contacts with Invitations.

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Get Invited to the Party!

Are you missing appointments or deadlines being scheduled or correspondence received relating to your cases?  Maybe you’re not getting regularly notified when depositions are placed on a coworker’s calendar or when a settlement demand arrives? 

The TrialWorks “Invitees” field located on the Case Info Tab acts as a reminder to automatically include certain users … attorneys, paralegals, or even your clients… on all outgoing emails.

Leverage the TrialWorks “Invitees” field, and be sure you get invited to receive notifications about

  • all calendared events
  • all incoming mail imported using TrialWorks’ FileIT application

Set up this feature on your cases by going to the Case Info Tab and entering your email address in the Invitees field.


If you want to invite multiple users, click on the Address Book icon and select the names to add to the field:


Any email address in the Invitees field will automatically populate in the email address field every time a new docket entry is generated and sent to the Outlook calendar.  

  • HOT TIP:  Go to User Tools > Default Values > Calendar and Contact Settings and checkbox “Enable Invitations” to automatically invite yourself to activities on all cases!


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