Still Spooked at the Idea of Looking for a Document in TrialWorks?

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Get ready for some spooky fast document management tips!

Searching for a specific file on a Tab loaded with hundreds of various documents can be a daunting task.  Mastering your skills at using the TrialWorks filter feature will simplify this process and make finding any document as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!   

Step 1:  Clean Up and Save Your Datasheet

 It’s a good idea to begin with an organized datasheet.  Make sure that your columns are in a sensible order, fully-opened, and that all of the fields have been completed.  Remember to “Save” your layout [Home > Save icon]! 



Step 2:  Filter

What are you trying to find?  A status letter to your client?  A demand letter to opposing counsel?  From the Category column, click the down arrow to display the various document categories from which to filter, and make your selection:




Step 3:  Find

The result is a filtered list of documents that meet the criteria you’ve selected, enabling you to more easily find your document!