Keep Track of Time With TrialWorks’ TimeKeeper

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Need to track the time?

Use TrialWorks’ TimeKeeper feature!


To create a manual time entry, click the ‘Home’ Tab on the Home Ribbon.


Click on the ‘TimeKeeper’ icon.


Clicking TimeKeeper will open a blank window for you to add a new time entry.

Case Name: Select the case.

User: Select the user billing for time.

Date/Time: Use the dropdown or type in the date and time.

Hours Worked: How long the user spent on the task.

Billable Hours: The amount of time spent on the task.

Billable Time: Use the checkbox to mark this task as billable.

Task Code: Use this preset list to add a task code.

Activity Code: Use the dropdown to select an activity code.

Explanation: The details of the task and the description to be used on an invoice.

Click ‘Save & Close.’

If you need to modify a current timekeeper entry:


Click ‘TimeKeeper’ from the Home Ribbon


Scroll through the existing time entries to modify a previous entry.

If you would like to see all time for all users or a single users for a particular date range, use TimeKeeper Manager:


Click ‘TimeKeeper Manager’ from the Home Ribbon


Using the drop-downs, select the user and time period you wish to view.

You can also use drop-downs to filter the list by Client name or by Case name.

Add, edit, or delete entries right from the bottom left of the TimeKeeper Manager screen.

If you wish to print the report, click the ‘TimeKeeper Manager Report’ button.


Edit, email, export or print the TimeKeeper Manager Report from the Print Preview Screen.


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