Keep Track of Cases with TrialWorks Inactive Cases Report

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Wondering which cases are slipping through the cracks? Try using the Inactive Cases Report!

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Click on ‘Reports’ from the Home Ribbon

TW2 (4)

Then click ‘Case’.

TW3 (4)

Use the drop-down menu to select ‘Status,’ scroll to ‘Additional,’ and click the ‘Inactive Cases Report.’

TW4 (4)

Enter how many days of inactivity you would like to view. The default is 90 days.

Click the magnifying glass to preview the report.

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This report includes the Case Name, the date the case was created, the last transaction date, and the transaction type. We recommend running this reporting monthly or quarterly to help you stay on top of your cases.  

Click the filter icon at the top left of the print preview screen to filter the report by ‘Case Status’ or ‘Assigned To.’


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