Holiday Season 2018 – Five Resolutions For Your New Year!

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We’re only days away from crossing into the new year.  If you’re like us, you’re always thinking about how to improve many aspects of our lives… how to do things bigger, better, faster.  At TrialWorks, we think about how to improve our case management solution to remain the industry’s best in class.  If you’re thinking about making a few resolutions this year, consider learning five new things about TrialWorks in 2019!  For example:

  • Resolution 1:  I will learn how to create and use Template Packages, to enable me to create multiple documents simultaneously while saving each document to its respective Tab;
  • Resolution 2:  I will learn how to use the filter features on datasheets and dashboards so that I can identify data quickly and efficiently;
  • Resolution 3:  I will learn how to generate reports from the Notes Tab so that I can consolidate information by category;
  • Resolution 4:  I will learn how to effectively use the Settlement Calculator feature, along with the Settlement Information button and Closing Statement report to create a full settlement picture for my clients; and
  • Resolution 5:  I will learn how to create and store signature images in Settings so that I can use a signature bookmark in templates and generate “signed” documents.

Look for the next Tip in January to fulfill your first resolution in TrialWorks!

TrialWorks case management software strives to make your daily work life easier and more productive.  For more information on this Tip or any other TrialWorks topic, please call our office at (305) 357-6500 and ask for the Training Department.   Stay tuned for more Tips, make sure to check out our website for more information on TrialWorks 11!