“Don’t Call Me At My Office Number!”

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How many times has someone in your office done something on a client file that wasn’t supposed to be done? Left a message with an ex-spouse? Called the client in the workplace? As we quickly multitask throughout our day, it’s easy to make mistakes. Using TrialWorks’ Quick Note can help prevent embarrassing errors!

Quick Note creates an automatic pop-up notification every time a user opens that case, displaying the important message to the user before navigating to any other Tabs.

How to Set Up Quick Note:

At the bottom of the Case Information Tab click on the “Extra Info” button:

Extra Info Button with highlights

This will launch the Extra Info Detail Window, where you will see different fields for additional data. Select the Quick Note field, and begin typing in your message:

Extra Info Detail.JPG with highlights

When you have completed typing your message, Close the Door! The next time you open this particular case, your message will first appear:

Extra Info Full Screen.JPG with highlight

Once you’ve clicked “Okay,” the dialog box will close, and you will be able to continue working on the case.

Use the Quick Note field when you want to quickly:

  1. Set a reminder for a particular case.
  2. Notify users about something important about that case.
  3. Caution against doing a particular task on the file.


If you’re interested in learning more about using the Quick Note feature on the Case Information Tab and Extra Info Button, please contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #1.

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