Optimize Your Workflow with Automatic Reminders

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You’re Dismissed!  Next….!

Confused about what happens when you put a checkmark in the “Dismiss” box next to a docket item on your Reminders List?  Let’s take a look at how TrialWorks reminds you about upcoming appointments/deadlines and allows you to “snooze” them for another day!

Let’s begin by enabling Reminders to automatically display when you launch TrialWorks!  You will find this in Global Settings > Other Settings > Enable Reminders on Startup. 


The following Reminders list will appear every time you open TrialWorks, displaying the appointments and to-do items that were scheduled with reminders:


If an item on your Reminders list has already been completed, placing a checkmark in the box under the “Completed” column will remove that item from the Reminders list and mark it “completed” on the Docket Tab of the corresponding case.

But what if the item hasn’t been completed yet, and you don’t need the reminder anymore?

The Dismiss feature acts as a “snooze” button for your reminders!  By placing a checkmark in the dismiss box for the docket entry item prior to the deadline, it will remove the reminder from your Reminders list.  The docket entry will reappear on the actual due date for that docket item.   

However, by placing a checkmark in the dismiss box for a docket entry item that has already expired, that entry will remain in your Reminders list until you’ve actually completed, and marked the item accordingly.  Once the item has been officially completed (albeit late) TrialWorks will then remove that item from the Reminders list and mark it “completed” on the Docket Tab of the corresponding case.


What happens if the docket entry has multiple reminders? 

Let’s say that you’ve created a docket entry for a Trial Date and set reminders for two-week intervals leading up to the actual date of the Trial.  As you dismiss each reminder every two weeks, the reminder entry is removed from the Reminders List until the next reminder appears.  In this way, you continue to receive your reminders without removing the actual docket entry from your Reminders List.  

What happens to Reminders for docket entries that are assigned to multiple users?

When an item is marked “Completed” by anyone assigned to a docket item, that docket item is effectively completed, and therefore, is removed from the Reminders list for all users.    

Similarly, any AssignedTo user who dismisses a docket entry effectively dismisses that entry for all AssignedTo users, and therefore, that item is dismissed for all users.

HINT:  Remember, the only way to remove a docket item from your Reminders window is to mark the checkbox as “Completed.” 

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