5 Reasons Why Now is the Time for Training

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Maximize your TrialWorks potential!

Taking full advantage of your case management system not only helps your firm run more efficiently – it ensures that you get the maximum value for your investment. We are consistently adding capabilities to solve more of your challenges, so help us, help you! If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions – it’s time for training. Are you…

  1. Only using a fraction of the available features offered in TrialWorks?
  2. Using an outdated version, and haven’t upgraded to our latest version, 11?
  3. Leveraging the text message feature for client communication? *Many don’t realize this is available!
  4. Using FastTracks to auto-populate your calendar?
  5. Paid in advance for training, but have not used the hours?

If #5 applies to you – now is definitely the time!

Call or email the Training Department [(305) 357-6500 or training@trialworks.com] today and set a plan to maximize your use of TrialWorks and increase productivity!

For more information on this Tip or any other TrialWorks topic, please call our office at (305) 357-6500 and ask for the Training Department. Stay tuned for more Tips, make sure to check out our website for more information on TrialWorks 11!