Versioning Word Documents in TrialWorks

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The MS-Word Versioning feature in TrialWorks enables a user to better manage content as it is revised and assists users in saving all previous versions. Versioning is specifically helpful when several users work together on a document such as a Complaint, or when a document goes through several phases of development and review.

Enable Versioning:
  • To enable versioning, you must have Admin Rights to TrialWorks
  • Go to Settings and click Global Settings
  • Choose Other Settings and check the box for Versioning
*Turning on this feature will enable it for ALL users*
How to Work with Versioning:
  • Start in a document generating tab such as Correspondence
  • Use the create new + icon and generate the document using a template
  • Once finished, save the document.
  • Clicking on the document name (blue link) will prompt the user to version the document. By choosing yes a new version will automatically be created.
    • The original version of the document will be moved to “More Links” on the data sheet. Within the detail window it will show as “Additional links”
    • The document will automatically be labeled with the following:

Original Title of Document (Ver #) Date Time

  • To access all versions of a document, double-click within an entry to open a Document Detail Window
  • The additional link field on the data sheet should be reserved for the final version or PDF version of the document.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Versioning documents help to provide your organization with a meaningful history of a document. Users will be able to better understand the content of a file and see the different stages a document can take.