TrialWorks Tip of the Week!

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Have you had to quickly determine who to pass a call in the office to? Or figure out which case a particular person is calling about? The “Case Search” feature allows you to quickly search your entire TrialWorks database using a variety of search options. From contact information, including a person’s first name, last name, or company to searching with more detail using a contact’s social security number or property address. It’s all here in your TrialWorks case management software. To run a case search, simply click the magnifying glass icon directly to the right of the case name.


As shown below, a list of cases that match your search criteria will be provided – once you’ve found the right one, just double click to jump into the case!

Case Search Results

For more information on the Case Search function as well as few other tips to help search a case, check out this week’s blog entry at