Setting Case List Filters

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Sick of wading through cases that you’re not assigned to or you never work on?

Set a filter for your TrialWorks to see only the cases you need to work on.

Here’s how to set a default for your TrialWorks:

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Click ‘User Tools’ from the Home Ribbon

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Click ‘Default Values’

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Next, click ‘Case List Filters.’

Keep in mind, this is a user default – each individual user will need to go in to set their own specific filters.

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Use the different dropdowns to select specific filters for your case list.

Atty/Support: Select the attorney or paralegal to only show cases assigned to that user.

Case Status: Filter by all active cases (shows all UC, Open & Settled), UC, open cases and more.

Liability / Subliability: Select to view by liability or subliability.

Sub Status: Select to view cases of a certain status.

Referral: View cases that were only referred by a the selected referral source

Division: Select the division or classification

Custom Filter Options:

Field: All fields on the Case Retainer/Info tab are available to use as a filter for your case list.

Value: Select the corresponding value

Case List Sorting:

Sort Case List By: Use the dropdown to sort alphabetically, by file number, or the most recent case entered in TrialWorks.

After selecting, click ‘OK’ to exit.

The changes will appear immediately.

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The case list drop down will now reflect the filters you have selected.

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