Same Name? Managing Users with Identical Names or Initials

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Case assignments and reporting are a challenge when there are multiple users with the same name or initials!  Does the Firm have a “Peter Parker” and “Penny Parker” as paralegals?  Or, are there two “Sally Smith” secretaries?  Maybe the Firm’s founders (“Anthony Stark” and “Allison Stark”) are spouses? 

Try the following simple tips to avoid unnecessary name-changes in the Atty/Support fields:

  1. Peter Parker can use his full name, or any derivation of his initials (PP1, pp, Pp, etc.);

2. Penny Parker can choose to use her full name, or any derivation of her initials (PP2, pp2, Pp2, etc.);

3. Anthony and Allison can use their full names, or, decide who will be AS1 and who will be AS2;

4. If for instance, Sally Smith will not be able to use her full name, but designating one Sally Smith as SS1 and the other as SS2 will do the trick.

Remember! The most effortless way to distinguish yourself from other users is by plugging a letter between your first and last initials.

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