New Feature in TrialWorks 11.4: Custom Tab Aliases

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TrialWorks 11.4 is now available, with several new enhancements and improvements. Based on feedback from many of our customers, we added Custom Tab Aliases to make your firm more productive each day.

What are the Custom Tab Aliases?

Custom Tab Aliases allow you to name your tabs anything you want. They can be assigned for each tab configuration to be set up for every Office Location, Liability and/or Case.

How to use the Custom Tab Aliases feature

1. With TrialWorks Administrator privileges, click on Settings >select Tabs in the ribbon.

2. Within the Tabs Settings Manager, you can create custom Tab Settings based on office location, liability, and for specific cases.

3. Double click the entry to open the Tab Settings for that particular configuration.

4. Once you are in the Tab Settings for the configuration, you want to edit, pick the Tab and type the new name. Tab names must be unique to prevent multiple Tabs with the same name.

5. Check the box next to the Tab name to ensure it is active.

6. Click on the exit door icon on the bottom right to save your changes.

Please note: Renaming Tabs is a firm-wide change and will affect all users.

Utilizing this new feature can help your firm stay organized and use Tabs in ways you never have before.

If you have not yet upgraded to TrialWorks 11.4, please contact our support team to discuss your options.