New Case – Same Defendants? Simplify Your Steps!

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Do you often open a new case and have to add the same defendants over and over? Mass Tort customers frequently run into this time-crusher, so TrialWorks has provided a simple and effective way to quickly add all of the parties from one case into another case. Let’s see how this works!

First, locate the ‘Other Parties’ Tab in TrialWorks

  • Select the case from which you want to copy all of the Other Parties and go to the ‘Other Parties’ Tab. Click the ‘Copy All Other Parties’ button.
  • Next, select the case to which you want to add all of the Other Parties from the original case, and click ‘Copy All Other Parties’:
  • Finally, you will receive a notification confirming that all of the Other Parties have been copied to the new case:
  • Wait, there’s more! Once the Other Parties are added to the new case, be sure to add them to the Contacts Tab. Go to the ‘Other Parties’ Tab and click “Add Party to Contacts” button:

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