Keyboard Shortcut to Recent Case List

In TrialWorks Tips by Jessica Collier

At TrialWorks, we just love keyboard shortcuts!  Why scroll when you can type just one letter in a drop-down field?  Why click three times, when you can get to the same function with one click?  In this week’s Tip, we’re going to reveal a hidden keyboard shortcut we’re sure you’re going to appreciate!

Look at the arrows to the left of the Case Name.  You’re probably already familiar with left and right arrows that allow you to scroll back and forth between cases, right?  Nothing new here.

But wait!  Did you know that you can hold DOWN that arrow to reveal the Recent Cases you’ve been working on during the day?

TrialWorks strives to make your daily work life easier and more productive.  We hope you liked this tip!  Stay tuned for more Tips, and make sure to check out our website for more information on TrialWorks 11!