How to Send a Text Message from within TrialWorks

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Yes! You can now send text messages to any contact that has a valid cell phone number directly from TrialWorks without revealing your personal cell phone number! It’s this simple:

Right click on any cell phone number in TrialWorks and select Send Message.

SMS Full Screen-45817

The resulting window below auto-populates the From email address that is associated with your User Default (see, Admin Tools > Edit User.)  

Step One: Type in your Subject line. (Note: The Subject line is for your own reference because most smartphones don’t have the subject turned on in messaging.)

Step Two: Use Quickfill to complete the body of your message or type it in.  

Step Three: Press Send!


SMS Message detail-45817

Your text message will be sent to the recipient’s cell phone device, and the SMS message will be automatically filed onto the Case’s Email Tab under the “SMS” category. Emails and text messages can then be filtered and sorted by category.

SMS on Email Tab-45817

When the recipient replies to your text message, you will receive it in the form of an email in your Outlook Inbox.

When you open the email it matches the phone number to the case contact. When you reply to the email, the phone number will be replaced with the recipient’s SaveAs contact name in TrialWorks.

What’s Needed for Text Messaging Capability?

  • TrialWorks Version 11!
  • Contact must have a valid cell phone number

If you’re interested in learning more about using Text Messaging within TrialWorks, please contact Training at 800-377-5844 option #1.