How Many Users are Logged into TrialWorks?

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Have you ever logged into TrialWorks and had the screen below appear?

Current Users

This usually means one of three things:

  1. The Firm has more users than it has TrialWorks licenses;
  2. The Firm’s IT Support has logged into the server as an Admin and logged into TrialWorks; or
  3. Someone has logged into TrialWorks more than once from a different device. For example, if a user is working from the office, doesn’t log out at the end of the day, goes home and logs in again from a laptop to your remote server, two TrialWorks licenses are being utilized.

TrialWorks Diagnostics Tool

TrialWorks Diagnostics

The best way to determine the number of TrialWorks Users currently using the program is to run the “Current TW Users” report. Go to Help > Current TW Users to automatically launch the following report:

Current Case Management Users

Global Settings
Lastly, when in doubt, you can always check the Firm’s active TrialWorks licenses: Global Settings > TWRegistration / Upgrades > Number of Licenses


Global Settings Screen

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