Email Options from Home Ribbon

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Sending an email with attachments is a task everyone has to perform multiple times a day. Streamline those emails by selecting an Email Template which will compose the body of an email. Need a co-worker to review multiple drafts of documents? Try using the “Send Internal Mail” option.

Send Email with attachments and pre-canned Email Template
  1. Select the Email icon on the Home Ribbon
  2. Select the documents you wish to attach. A user can also bypass this option if no documents need to be attached.
  3. Select the Email Template: This Email Template will create a pre-filled email with the subject and body.
  4. Select recipients and document options
  5. Click Send Email



Send Internal-Email
This option is great for co-workers to send multiple attachments internally for review.
  1. Under Step 5 Options select “Send Internal Mail”
  2. An Email will be composed with the documents as links within the body of the email
  3. A user receiving this email can select the link and taken directly into this document
*This option is designed for internal use and not recommended for users to use for external email recipients*

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