Do the 2-Step to Automatically Add a Signature to Documents

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Finally! Our fifth and final TrialWorks’ New Year Resolution!  We’ve committed to learning how to create and store digital signature images so that an Author’s signature will automatically appear in a bookmarked signature block, when a document is generated.  This is accomplished in 2 simple steps:

Step One:  Save the signature image .jpg or .png file to the Templates Library:

Step Two:  Upload the signature image .jpg or .png file to the User Table by going to Admin Tools > Edit User:

Click the file folder to the right of the empty field under the Signature Column to navigate to the Templates Library, where the image was stored in Step One:

Identify the signature file you want to associate with the User, select the file and click “Okay” to add.  The name of the file should now appear in the previously-empty field under the Signature Column.

That’s it!

HINT:  Remember, in order for the signature to appear in your document, the “AuthorSig” bookmark must be in the template itself!

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