Customizing Fields and Layouts with TrialWorks

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Start 2016 off right! Hide unnecessary information on YOUR TrialWorks.  

Lately, we’ve received several calls regarding modifying the TrialWorks display such as adding or removing a field on a tab or resetting the layouts to be able to view all information properly.

tw (4)

Choose the tab to modify.

tw2 (6)

Clicking the title of the field (‘Home Phone’) will highlight and select the entire column.

tw3 (6)

Click ‘Home’ from the Home Ribbon

tw4 (6)

Under ‘View,’ click the dropdown for ‘Hide Fields’

tw5 (7)

Click ‘Hide Fields’ to instantly hide the column from the tab.

tw6 (5)

Notice ‘Home Phone’ is no longer viewable.

tw7 (5)

Click the ‘Save’ button from the Home Ribbon for the changes to take effect.

tw8 (4)

To turn a hidden field back on, click the dropdown for ‘Hide Fields’

tw9 (4)

And select ‘Unhide Fields’

tw10 (4)

Check the field you wish to unhide.

Add any details that were previously not viewable on the tab.

Unsure what’s missing or what field was previously hidden? Reset them!

tw11 (4)

Click ‘Help’ from the Home Ribbon

tw12 (4)

Under ‘TW Diagnostics,’ click the dropdown for ‘Reset Layouts.’

tw13 (4)

Clicking ‘Reset Datasheets Layouts’ deletes any saved layouts and restores the default views.


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