Contact Updates? No Problem! Make Updates with Ease from the Call Log.

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Did you know TrialWorks Case Management Software has a Call Log feature that does more than present a caller’s phone number?

Here are a few important functions the Call Log allows you to perform:

  • Take notes about the call;
  • Email the notes and create an automatic TimeKeeper entry;
  • Update the Contact Record automatically in the Address Book with NO extra clicks required.

Here is an example of how the Call Log feature can make your life less complicated. Let’s say Joe Lawyer calls and leaves a message for someone in your office. He would like to receive a phone call back to his direct dial number, but that field is blank:

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Instead of leaving the Call Log Detail Window and opening the Address Book, TrialWorks allows users to input Joe Lawyer’s Direct Dial number directly into the field.  In doing so, the contact record is automatically updated, as well:

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