Automate Workflow by Using TrialWorks FastTracks!

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A FastTrack is a checklist of important Task’s and To-Do’s.  Applying a FastTrack can help automate the handling of a case by calculating deadlines and adding several docket entries in one click. Items in a Fast Track can be linked, or contingent upon each other. Once a docket entry is marked completed, the process will trigger the user to add the next docket item in the Fast Track. 
Here is an sample Settlement Fast Track:
tw1 (9)
Description: the description for the Docket entry.
Days: the number of days the task will be due from (ex: Sending the settlement insurance confirmation letter is due 10 days from the date the FastTrack is applied).
Business: check ‘Business’ if the Days calculation should only include Business Days (Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays).
Time: the time of the Docket item. When left blank, the entry will default to an All Day event. All items shown above are All Day events except for the AD Review Closing Statement which is due at 1:00PM and Deposit Funds which is due at 9:00AM.
Remind: check if the entry requires a reminder (strongly recommended).
Days Advance: add the number of days that you would like to see a reminder before the due date.
Calendar: check if the entry should create an Outlook Calendar item.
Task: check if the entry should create an Outlook Task item.
Link: links one item to the completion of another. Make items contingent by linking them to each other (ex: Entry 2 (Confirm all Costs Received) is linked to #1). The docket item for “Confirm all Costs Received” will not be added to the Docket until #1 “Send Ins. Co. Confirmation Letter” is marked completed. 
AssignedTo: select a user to assign the docket item or leave it blank to include everyone listed in the atty/support fields on a case.
Activity: choose a Docket Activity to help filter the docket entry from the Docket Tab.
Fast Track items will appear on the Docket Tab. To identify a Fast track item, look for the FT under the file tab column.
Here’s how to apply a FastTrack to a case:
tw2 (9)
Click on ‘Current Case’ on the Home Ribbon.
tw3 (9)
Click ‘Apply’ to open the ‘Apply FastTrack’ window.
tw4 (9)
Pick a FastTrack from the firm’s library. Then, select the date to begin the FastTrack. The date you choose will be used to calculate the Days for each entry.
Click ‘Apply FastTrack’
tw5 (10)
Applying the FastTrack will automatically add FastTrack entries to the Docket and/or Outlook Calendar/Task.
tw6 (7)
tw7 (7)
Fast Track entries will be available on TrialWorks Today, the Global Docket and Docket Reports. Docket entries that have a reminder will appear in a user’s Reminder List.
Check reminders by selecting it from the Home Ribbon.
tw8 (6)
tw9 (6)
If Fast Track items are linked, the next item will trigger when the first item has been marked completed. 
Mark a docket item ‘Complete’ by checking the box from the ‘Reminders’ window, or double clicking the entry and checking the Completed checkbox within the Docket Detail window.
tw10 (6)
After marking the entry complete, the next item on the Fast Track will trigger. 
tw11 (6)
Click ‘Yes’ to add the next task to the docket.
tw12 (6)
Most firms create their own Fast Tracks based on the needs of their practice. If you need assistance creating FastTracks, please speak with your TrialWorksAdministrator, or call our support lines at 800-377-5844 and press option 2 to speak to the Training Department. We have several sample Fast Tracks available at your request.
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