7 Reasons Why Training is Essential

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Taking full advantage of your case management system not only helps your firm run more efficiently – it ensures that you receive the maximum value for your investment. We are consistently adding capabilities to solve more of your challenges, so help us, help you.

If you find yourself or team members doing any of the following – it may be time to book your training session.

  1. You have added new team members with little to no experience in using case management software.
  2. You only use a fraction of the available features offered in TrialWorks.
  3. You haven’t upgraded to our latest TrialWorks Version11.3.
  4. You have no idea about, or are not benefiting from, the text message feature to communicate with your clients.
  5. You don’t utilize FastTracks to auto-populate your calendar.
  6. You have paid in advance for training but have not used all the available hours.
  7. You’re unsure about how to access key insight regarding the profitability of your cases.

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