TW Search Request

Use this form to request implementation of the TW Search.

  • Please provide the following information and complete the checklist in order to determine if your network environment can support the new Search Server. Further detail is provided below this section. Please note that the minimum requirements are different depending on whether the server is dedicated to the Search Server or is shared with other services.

    All fields are required. TWSearch cannot be installed without a completed form.

  • (Requirements: Windows Server 2012 or later)
  • (Requirements: 64-bit server-grade, +2.5GHz, minimum 6 cores for shared, 4 cores for dedicated)
  • (Requirements: 16GB minimum)
  • (Requirements: 80 GB system min. 16 GB free space/2x as much free disk space as total RAM)
  • (Requirements: User must be named “twsearch” and must be member of Domain Admins group in Active Directory. After installation, it can be removed from Domain Admins group)
  • Active Directory Account Requirement:
    Please create domain account TWSEARCH which will be used as the administrative account for search.

    SQL Server Requirements:
    Please make sure that SQL server x64 is 2008 or later. It must also be configured for SQL Server and Windows authentication mode.

    Open SQL Management Studio > Right Click on Server name and click Properties > Open Security Tab.

    By default, SQL is configured with Windows Authentication mode only. In order for any changes in server authentication mode to take effect, the SQL server services must be restarted.

    IIS Web Server Requirements:
    Search Server will install multiple IIS sites that runs by default on port 80. Please make sure there aren’t any applications using port 80 on your server such as OWA or local intranet sites.

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